My Latino Lover

The one that ignored me but now loves me.

The one I constantly argue with, but who I’ll always believe is a gift.

The one who sucks at english, but always cooks me a good dish.

A two-faced son of a gun, but the best prize I’ve EVER won.

My Latino Lover…

Yes, he played hard to get with his crazy self. Lol

Amazon Fresh came around…finally!

Fresh, fresh, EXCITING… by “cool and the gang”

I received an email stating: “Amazon Fresh is now FREE with your Amazon Prime membership” (woow) I finally feel it’s worth keeping year round now, ha!

I guess the $35 or more for free 2-hour is reasonable…..

Honestly, amazon fresh probably got tired of one night stands (free trials) everyone starting a free trial just to buy some lettuce and then cancelling (I’m pretty guilty) LMBO! Maybe they made their goal of money and decided it’s time to stop trolling us. I started soo many free trials just to order food from a website I was already paying for, the irony is realllllll. Amazon prime before fresh being free was like Universal Studios. You paid to get in the amusement park but The World of Hogwarts is an additional purchase, what in the entire heck? ROFL

Let’s be real, that lettuce is too high, but it was fresh when it arrived and yes, I did, I bought toilet paper lol also the paper plates deceived me, they were soo tiny when they arrived, haha.

Overrall it’s pretty convenient if you don’t have a car (which I don’t, I stay taking the Marta lol) Worst case scenerio is that they may raise the price…..boyyyyy I will be done if they do that…..just kidding! See ya later!

Nutty Walk Yesterday

Hey guys, I went to the the post office yesterday for my exercise. I have never walked this route before only drove. It had a lot of turns, ups and downs, pretty much like my life lol. Well I wore this golden slip on jacket that I found out after sweating that it is a sweat jacket, which is cool, it holds the sun light like soo good.

You are probably wondering why I have my eyes clothes, I don’t flippin know haha, they just stayed closed, maybe it was the sun.

Anyhow, on the way to the post office, I could promise you I seen a hazelnut tree but I wasn’t completely sure. I love hazelnuts and their euphoric taste. They are what I place as a “cozy tasting nut”, cashews are the “if you are hungry nut” peacans are those “addicting nuts” and peanuts “only get my attention spreaded as buttter type nut”. Don’t trust any of these I listed, why? Because they’re all NUTS! Ha.

Visuals while walking are soo important for me, it helps me forget it’s exercise, and that’s the goal, for exercising to become a habit of living, something normal but routine. Back when I was homeschooled, my sister, mama and I together got up in the morning, drank hot tea, did bible study and then exercised. I really hated working out Lord knows I did man, haha, my mama would say “Okay time to run up the hill” and I would be ready to fall the heck out.

Our crazy amount of tea, my favorite tea is Earl Grey but at heart I am all for Honey Chamomille, (shh, I get it’s unorganized lol)

Now I just workout with my boyfriend as an adult. He is my mom in disguise haha but to the 25th power. Saying things like “5 more sets” I said wait? We gotta do this 5 more times? Can we not lol…? I mean the walk to the post office was soo serenity filled because the goal was clear, we are walking there and back then we will be done, that is why I love walking, cha cha cha! Lol very simple and straight forward.

Thanks for randomly reading.

For the love of randomness

Okay so this is me under these soft hotel bed pillows of a cheap hotel I stayed earlier this year. I am Charlie but you can call me Charlie. A traditional introduction is soo…traditional, and politically correct, let’s just not. Haha I just stared at my blog while I typed this and I am saying to myself “this looks super cheap” but oh well right? anyways! so I cooked up some random and thought I would share my life at the moment, considering people are gloomy right now, adding things to their life they do not need like a car, though it is not time yet, causing them to yap about car insurance, and stress…… I stayed in this hotel bed for four days (it was supposed to be 3 nights, I accidentally stayed one more night haha they didn’t charge me) I drove in Massachusetts in a little white rental car wondering how it would feel to have my own car, subtraction of car insurance (sigh) I really liked this vacation. Used to live in Worcester Mass but I moved to Atlanta because I wanted a change, also wouldn’t have support since 3/4 of my family left, I just went too.


I came from performing arts, to getting my first job as a wheelchair assistant, going to bartending school, to pushing boxes at UPS at 4am, crying in madd trucks when things didn’t go well, to being a dish washer at a 5 star member club, to being a cook, a banquet server, a mobile associate and then officially giving into being a bartender. Life is hard lol not because of what I went through but man it’s because of what I went through! hahaha. This bed is where my annoyed spirit lays bothering my significant other, on my own bed I bother the same person even more. Whenever I talk about what I go through or have been through, I feel slightly better. Hmmm this was random as heck, but here I am blogging, surprisingly I’m still a bartender, well see ya later! btw I know my socks are hot, don’t hate.